Marlin 2.0 program memory usage by feature on AVR 8Bit boards

We have just started to compile a comprehensive list of Marlin 2.0 features and their memory usage on 8Bit boards and what features you can disable safely to gain more free memory. Check out the new page (Patrons only): This is especially interesting if you have ATMega1284p based mainboards like in the Anet A8 … Read more

January 2020 Giveaway – Creality Ender 3 Silent Mainboard 1.1.5

In January 2020, I am giving away a Creality Ender 3 Silent Mainboard 1.1.5. The winner has been announced here: Thank you all for entering! If you missed my video review about the Creality Silent Mainboard 1.1.5, please watch it here, to get more background information about how to install it: ➡️To enter … Read more